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The Gentle Clipper's Tub n’ Suds is owned and operated by Jenny Loo. “The Gentle Clipper” name rightly represents her approach to dog grooming. She is gentle and patient, compassionate and caring. Jenny has extensive experience working with dogs for over 25 years. She is organized, efficient, and gives great thought to detail. You will find Jenny to be respectful, reliable, and conscientious about the care she gives to her clients.

Jenny incorporates her knowledge of dog behavior and training into her grooming practice. She does what is necessary to provide a relaxing environment, including giving all dogs the opportunity to relieve themselves prior to any work being done, to ensure owners and pets are as comfortable as possible before she begins her magic. Just as a client walks out of their hair salon with the haircut that best suits them, Jenny creates “styles designed with your pet in mind.”

Because of the focused attention Jenny gives to each dog, it is not uncommon for her to recognize potential health or behavioral issues. In this case, Jenny will inform the owner and provide recommendations for additional veterinary services, behavioral therapy or products that will benefit the pet.

Jenny runs an organized, safe, clean, and tidy shop. The atmosphere is without frenzied activity, which makes for a peaceful place where customers can come and feel at home. Your canine companions will never be "speed groomed" because grooming should be a patient process whereby the groomer earns the trust of the animal. This way of working helps the dogs settle in, relax and be comfortable throughout the entire grooming process.

Jenny has made a successful career in Monroe, and her client base is growing. The customers that regularly bring their dogs to The Gentle Clipper's Tub n' Suds are primarily from the Snohomish County area but some of her clients drive over an hour for her services

The Gentle Clipper's Tub 'n Suds also offers self-serve bathing stations by appointment for those who prefer to do it themselves. 

So when the need for a bath is undeniable, whether you choose the convenient do-it-yourself option or Jenny's full grooming service, nose-to-toes your dog will be pampered and loved at The Gentle Clipper's Tub n' Suds. 

Dogs are dropped off between 9:00 - 9:30 am and finished between 3 -5 pm (Owners are called as dogs are completed)

ALL appointments are made by phone.

Shop hours:  Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. until the last dog is picked up

Saturday: Call for hours

Call today for your appointment: (360) 863-9554

The Gentle Clipper’s Tub ‘n Suds
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